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Equipment Information

The Kobelco CKE2500G is an impressive hydraulic crane. It comes standard with a max lift capacity of 275 tons (250 t), a main boom max length of 300 ft. (91 m), and a max jib length of 200 ft. (61 m).

The Kobelco CKE2500G is powered by a turbo charged and after-cooled four-cycle HINO P11C-VC engine and a 106-gallon (400 L) fuel tank. It’s also equipped with an over-hoisting prevention device that softens automatic stopping when the boom is overloaded and swinging sideways.

It comes standard with a fully enclosed, full-vision operator-friendly cab that is protected by safety glass. Other features of the cab include: floor mats, a cup holder, a shoe tray, air conditioning, tinted glass, a cigarette lighter, and a tool compartment. It also comes with ergonomically designed crane controls which reduce operator fatigue.

It features a host of impressive safety features like: external alarms when moving or swinging, an over-swing prevention system, a function lock lever to prevent accidental crane movements, a counterweight detect system, a one-way call system, a swing flasher and warning buzzer, a machine inclination sensor, and clearly visible crawler movement directional markings.


Maximum Lift Capacity: 250 tons
Maximum Boom Length: 300 feet
Maximum Jib Length: 200 feet
Max. Lifting Capacity: 250 t × 4.6 m
Max. Length: 91.4 m
Max. Lifting Capacity: 27.0 t × 10.4 m
Max. Combination: 76.2 m + 30.5 m
Max. Lifting Capacity: 47.1 t × 12.8 m
Max. Length: 91.4 m
Max. Lifting Capacity: 150 t × 7.0 m
Max. Length: 61.0 m
Max. Jib Length: 61.0 m
Max. Combination: 61.0 m + 61.0 m
Max. Line Speed: 110 m/min (1st layer)
Rated Line Pull (Single Line): 132 kN {13.5 tf}
Brake Type: Wet-type multiple disc brake (Optional)
Swing Speed: 2.2 min-1 {rpm}
Travel Speed: 1.0 / 0.5 km/h
Fuel Tank Capacity: 400 liters

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